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Anti-Flag – The General Strike

Anti-Flag - The General Strike

Gather ’round kiddies as Anti-Flag audibly occupies Wall Street, offering their ninth studio buzzsaw blade, The General Strike. “No justice in a legal system run by criminals, If you don’t like the court ruling then you shouldn’t be poor. Now, go die.” Vote Sane! Pittsburgh’s band for the people rides the political lightning with a renewed old school vigor we all know and love. The Steel City quartet clocks in at a running time of twenty-seven minutes on The General Strike and frankly, who gives a fuck. The album’s short… So what. That’s what punk rock albums are… short. The DescendentsEverything Sucks is one of my favorite records and it’s only thirty minutes long. Get over it. From incendiary to inspiring, the Flag captures every fist raised loyalist from sea to shining sea on this rather aggressive romp. #2′s angsty yell has evolved to a beautifully dark lucid howl and Justin’s fiery calls to action have graduated to blistering pleas of awareness. From head to toe the record is coated with a thick shellac of fuck you, swaggering in shades of brilliantly brawling smarts. This is the second SideOneDummy effort for the boys as the twelve piece collection doesn’t disappoint. From the tear gas abruptness of the twenty-two second Controlled Opposition, to the rebel rousing toothiness of The Ranks of the Masses Rising and the slightly passive but mostly aggressive I Don’t Wanna, Anti-Flag are working harder than you! “Strap in and watch the world decay. The latest disaster today. This ain’t a fad, this ain’t a fashion. This is the world wide anthem.”

Lit Hardway

Key Tracks: The Neoliberal Anthem, The Ranks of the Masses Rising, Turn a Blind Eye, I Don’t Wanna

Moods: Angry, Fiery, Rebellious, Passionate, Hostile

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