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The Roots – undun

The Roots - undun

“I’ve lost a lot of sleep to dreams, And I do not miss them yet, I wouldn’t wish them on the worst of enemies, Let them burn, go from here, Like when autumn leaves.” Ladies and gentlemen… The Roots are back… And they are raucously undun. Bits of sweet ‘n’ sour swagger whip this soul-hop galette into a brisk jaunt of caramel coated urban smoke. Needless to say the beats move with wicked bounce, as the album’s individual concepts accompany each effort flawlessly. Sleep conjures images of soulful roots while mirroring Blackstar flavored street spits, The Otherside opens up with a larger than life drum beat before rapping it’s way into old-school hearts abroad, Stomp leads us to believe that The Black Keys may have had something to do with the whole affair, and finally the orchestraic power of the last four tracks triaged into “movements” provides a certain luxurious je ne sais quoi overall. It sure seems like it’s safe to say that The Roots have knocked yet another one clear out of the park. undun resonates as soulful hip hop for Harlem’s refined pallet, breaking boundaries to build upon what other like minded artists have but tried to accomplish. From perfect beats, to surreal rhymes and everything in between, The Roots have once again solidified that the great ones are often imitated but rarely duplicated. The roof has officially been raised… And they’re still isn’t enough head room for this record.

Lit Hardway

Key Tracks: Sleep, The Otherside, Stomp

Moods: Tense, Cerebral, Street-Smart, Organic, Rousing

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