Imaginary Cities


by simply ONE of the masses

We tend to pay little attention to Winnipeg, just like our neighbors down south tend to overlook Des Moines or Topeka. And yet, sometimes a David emerges ready to battle it out with the Philistines. That’s possibly the story behind Imaginary Cities, a Winnepegan duo by Rusty Matyas and Marti Sarbit. Just at the beginning of their odyssey, it’s a palpable confident strong partnership teeming with simple spunk, a hybrid of Motown and alternative sounds. The bright shiny star though goes to Marti’s crisp vocals, perhaps the reincarnation of Nina Simone, so some may say. And across the country, Imaginary Cities has been delighting quite a few audiences with their album Temporary Resident, as they toured on this spring with the Pixies. Tracks worth having a go are Say You, Where’d All the Living Go and Ride This Out. That way you can decide for yourself if our tiny David is one to take to the battlefield.

Genre: R&B/Alternative Indie
Latest Album: Temporary Resident
For Fans Of: Lauren Hill, Ella Fitzgerald, John Legend
Listen to: Imaginary Cities