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Weezer – Death to False Metal

Weezer - Death to False Metal

The godfathers of geekrock return with Weezer’s latest arrival, Death to False Metal, a compilation of rarities and unreleased tracks.  But oh… wait… TWINS! Death to False Metal’s launch is accompanied by a Pinkerton Deluxe Edition – a re-issue of Weezer’s second album originally released December 24th, 1996. The pair follows hot on the trail of Hurley, Weezer’s eigth studio album, with all three recordings seeing light following the band’s break from Geffen Records and subsequent signing with indie label, Epitaph. For a band that thrived on a youthful pop culture tailspin, straying heavily from the prevalent grunge music of their 1992 emergence, one can’t help but wonder – two decades later, can a band still sell to heavy chord progressions, cardigans, Chuck Taylors and specs? Will Weezer ever get to grow up? Did Buddy Holly call? Does he want his glasses back? “Let the music play, let the good times roll, we don’t care what you say, we’re turning up the radio….” Turning Up the Radio, track one on Death to False Metal is an onslaught of sticky sweet bubble gum radio pop – it’ll have some listeners snapping and chewing in time, while others grumpily exorcize this earworm like picking gum off their shoes.  Don’t let first impressions fool you though – by track two we’re onto less Beach Boys, and with track three, Blowing My Stack, Weezer really amps things up. Rivers‘ vocals haven’t stretched any further past puberty, so that “pesky kid” sound prevails, and lyrics ooze reflections of losers we love to love (job hate, techie speak, awkward relationships). Ending with a cover of Toni Braxton’s Unbreak my Heart, Death to False Metal is an unapologetic soundtrack for geekrock life, and while there isn’t real shock and awe to speak of, it’s reliably fun Weezer, and a surprisingly great listen.

Sheila Quinn

Key Tracks: Blowin’ My Stack, I’m a Robot, Odd Couple, Autopilot

Moods: Lively, Fun, Celebratory, Rousing, Playful, Quirky

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