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Suicide Girls - Blackheart Burlesque - E-Flyer


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Hedley at Centre Bell – 03/28/14


Hedley at Centre Bell - 03/28/14

Canadian rockers Hedley’s show at Centre Bell last night was definitely a crowd pleaser. As expected, Jacob Hoggard was bursting with energy; he could barely stand still those few times he sat down at the piano. The Vancouver boys even played a few tracks on a tiny stage in the centre of the crowd. And of course the concert wouldn’t have been complete without singles Cha-Ching, Never Too Late and Kiss You Inside Out which generated massive approval from the fans. (more…)


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Andrew W.K. at Foufounes Electriques – 03/26/14


Andrew W.K. at Foufounes Electriques - 03/26/14

When Andrew W.K. ripped through his hits on Wednesday night at the always dingy Foufounes Électriques (or “Foofs,” as my friends insist), it wasn’t a show, it was a party. He wanted to make that very clear. He was not the messianic, white-clad prophet of his entrance monologue, he was just there to hang out. We were all part of the band, he insisted, and he felt that we played the songs quite well. (more…)


Childish Gambino at Metropolis – 03/26/14


Childish Gambino at Metropolis - 03/26/14

Childish Gambino (a.k.a. Donald Glover) was in town last night as part of his Deep Web Tour. The actor/rapper presented his latest release Because the Internet in front of a Metropolis full of ecstatic fans. His hour and half long show had plenty to satisfy the crowd: killer visuals, an interactive experience courtesy of the Deep Web app and Gambino’s renowned stage presence and energy.  (more…)

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The Neighbourhood at Metropolis – 03/21/14


The Neighbourhood at Metropolis - 03/21/14

The Neighbourhood were welcomed by a rapturous, predominantly female, sold-out crowd last night at the Montreal Metropolis. After 2 Montreal stops in 2013, including Osheaga last summer and Theatre Corona in the fall, last night’s show proved that there continues to be a huge demand for the California quintet, which is far from waning. I got there just in time to catch a stellar opening set by Kitten, having also recently opened for Charli XCX at La Sala Rossa in November, who proved once again they’re ready for the big time. But the crowd was waiting for the boys to get on stage, who were welcomed more like a boy band than a rock one. (more…)

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Dream Theater at Centre Bell – 03/21/14


Dream Theater at Centre Bell - 03/21/14

I’ll cut right to the point: the concert was terrible. It was 3 hours of desperately boring 80’s metal. There was just so much wrong with this show. I had a feeling it was going to be bad the minute the lady in the ticket booth handed me the ticket: no opening band, no grabby security guard exploring my body with curious hands, some old guy to check my ticket they brought out of the crypt and a crowd of middle aged men and high school boys that looked like they just walked off the set of Wayne’s World. Not a lady in sight. Getting to my seat, the section was almost empty but filled up after the first intermission; it seems not everyone knew that Dream Theater had no opening band. (more…)


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Noah Gundersen


by simply ONE of the masses

Washington state somehow always comes off as modest. Even with its staggering Puget Sound Fortune 500 companies, and highly educated über-geek population, my mind wanders to towering evergreens, warm plaid shirts in the fresh winter drizzle, the Olympic mountains sprawled across a crisp blue sky, a serene contentment. And then, there’s Noah Gundersen. The epitome of a Seattlelite. The sound of uncomplicated honesty. In his first full-length album, Ledges, the opener Poor Man’s Son was written years ago, but the act of placing that a cappella track as an opener speaks to me. It tells me that this songwriter cherishes the beginning, more than the end. It reminds me that the best things in this wilderness we call life are simple, unpretentious. The entire folk landscape of Gundersen’s music feels spiritual. Be still. Close your eyes. The album may not be life-changing or cathartic, but it may just quiet the soul, even if, Time Moves Quickly.

Genre: Indie Folk
Latest Album: Ledges
For Fans Of: Ryan Adams, Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes
Listen To: Noah Gundersen

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Young the Giant at Metropolis – 03/06/14


Young the Giant at Metropolis - 03/06/14

Young the Giant were in town last night to present their most recent album Mind Over Matter to a sold out Metropolis. Although the California natives had to reschedule their previous stop, there were no discernible signs that singer Sameer Gadhia was just getting over bronchitis; his vocal performance was near perfect. The setlist was a well thought out mix of both albums and included a bonus cover of Stromae’s Formidable. (more…)

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Broken Bells at Metropolis – 03/04/14


Broken Bells at Metropolis - 03/04/14

The power duo of James Mercer and Brian Burton known as Broken Bells was in town last night to present their new album After The Disco. A decent size crowd showed up at the Metropolis to hear these two musical greats perform for close to 80 minutes. The concert, which relied heavily on the quality of the music, production and visual effects, included hits The High Road and Holding on for Life. (more…)

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Imagine Dragons at Centre Bell – 03/03/14


Imagine Dragons at Centre Bell - 03/03/14

After a performance that was not left unnoticed at Osheaga last August, alternative rock band Imagine Dragons were back on stage in the metropolis Monday night at the Centre Bell. It’s in front of a Radioactive crowd that they brought their highly anticipated tour Into the Night. (more…)

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Beck – Morning Phase


Beck - Morning Phase

Beck has once again produced a more pensive and brooding collection of tunes with his new album Morning Phase, a largely acoustic and melodic work blended with lofty, echoed vocals and sounds. It’s always a surprise when Beck gets contemplative and somber. We’re talking about Beck, who more or less invented himself as the first folk-rapper with his track Loser and then went on to amalgamate 70’s funk, jazz, and punk into songs like Sexx Laws, Devil’s Haircut, and Mixed Bizness, and then on to an almost folk-hip-hop with songs like Que’ Onda Quero. So, when he gets kind of John Denver on us, it’s a little jarring. (more…)

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Zakk Wylde at Theatre Corona Virgin Mobile – 02/28/14


Zakk Wylde at Theatre Corona Virgin Mobile - 02/28/14

Last night Zakk Wylde wrapped up his 13-city Canadian tour, and gave us a taste of his “softer” side. The sold out crowd at Montreal’s Théâtre Corona Virgin Mobile was all ears for Ozzy Osbourne’s former guitarist, and founder of Black Label Society for an evening of unplugged riffs and licks. The acoustic show was a rare intimate performance by Wylde who created this tour in appreciation of his loyal Canadian fans. (more…)


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Coming Soon… Zakk Wylde


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Skinny Puppy at Club Soda – 02/16/14


Skinny Puppy at Club Soda - 02/16/14

Vancouver industrial rockers Skinny Puppy brought all their gloom and doom to the Club Soda last night. True to their reputation, the band put together a show heavy in theatrics with all the visual bells and whistles one would expect. And thankfully the music didn’t suffer from it; the sinister electronic sounds were pure assault on the senses. The 20 song set ended with Assimilate and plunged the venue into massive chaos. (more…)

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Sam Roberts Band at Lion d’Or – 02/15/14


Sam Roberts Band at Lion d'Or - 02/15/14

The Sam Roberts Band packed the Lion d’Or last night for the launch of their latest album. Lo-Fantasy, the groups’ 6th offering, was played from top to bottom along with a 4-track encore with some of their biggest hits, namely Bridge to Nowhere and Don’t Walk Away Eileen. Judging by the reaction in the room, Sam Roberts Band have another solid album to add to their roster. (more…)

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